We are manufacturers and suppliers of promotional product displays, gimmicks and promotional gifts in every material you can think of like, cardboard, wood, metal, plastics, stone etc.
Mensoni | Display | BV can arrange the development , manufacturing and productioncoacning of displays in massive cardboard, plastics, metal, tube and wire and all kinds of other materials. Shop-in-shop systems, Printed matter production, campaigns. Also mailings, gimmicks and other kind of promotional articles and premiums, promotional gifts, notepads, dice, holograms etc. Demonstrationstands. Enamel signs/logosigns in serie, mobiles, reproductions, artefacts, nostalgic advertising, remakes, frames, decoratingwork, showcards (cardboard and tin), embossed signs, colour-documentaries and samplebooks, dispensers.
We often get called in to come up with solutions (within budget, deliverytime and quality standards). We often manufacture complex orders and assist with many services. Sometimes some of our clients think that we only make complicated orders and call us in to solve problems. Of course we can make simple bulk-work too.
We can make and supply every kind of promotional article, to conform exactly your specific demands.